Diversification of the Economic Foundations of Depressive Mining Region


  • Golik Vladimir Ivanovich




The study is devoted to modernizing management mechanisms in order to increase the gross regional product and welfare of the region. The analysis of the self-empowerment of the enterprise on the use of methods, tools and instruments of production management of depressed regions. On materials companies Sadonsky lead-zinc plant simulated performance of alternative technologies for the extraction of metals. Proved the possibility of profitable production of major and minor products in the diversification of production systems based on a combination of traditional technology with laying hardening mixtures and new technology with the leaching of metals. The algorithm selection and diversification strategy formulated model for determining the economic effect of technological diversification of mining production.



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Golik Vladimir Ivanovich. (2021). Diversification of the Economic Foundations of Depressive Mining Region. I T A L I E N I S C H, 11(2), 72–80. https://doi.org/10.1115/italienisch.v11i2.97