Resource and Information Maintenance of Foreign Citizens in Russia: Statement of a Problem


  • Evgenij M. Dorozhkin Russian State Vocational Pedagogical University


One of the most significant issues of information maintenance of the process of adaptation of foreign citizens, coming to Russia on business, educational purpose or as tourists is considered. Topicality of the study is explained by the activity ofinter-cultural communication processes in modern world; success to that is pre-supposed by knowledge and understanding of peculiarities of the other culture. It is stated that such knowledge helps to avoid failure in communication with representative of other culture and also a cultural shock, that may be suffered by a foreigner in Russia due to extrapolation of its currently used cultural stereotypes on new environment. R proceed from the fact that the problem ofconsidering ethnic and cultural specific of various groups of people is especially acute in a multi-cultural country. Necessity of forming socio-cultural competence of foreign students is brought up. Review of virtual information contents addressed to foreigners is made. It is pointed on insufficiency of target contents for foreign students, containing complete information about socio-cultural surrounding in Russia that would facilitate in optimal adaptation of foreigners in country ofresidence. Special attention is paid to the justification of the necessity of developing of theoretical and practical base ofresource and information maintenance of foreigners from nearest-neighbour and other countries that are planning to visit Russia. Given is an account of research’ vision of scientific base of forming target resource and information content. A project of creating such content is presented.



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