Islamic Religious Education Literacy as a Source of Multiculturalism Education in Indonesia


  • Adri Lundeto Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Manado, Indonesia



Islamic Religious Education (PAI), Multicultural Education, Inclusive, Tolerant.


Indonesia, which consists of various ethnic groups and cultures spread from Sabang to Merauke, dramatically affects the education system, which is more directed to openness and tolerance. Moving on from this problem, then, initiating a deeper understanding of inclusiveness, pluralism, and tolerance is a must; I hope that cases of social conflict that lead to anarchy in the name of SARA (Ethnic, Religion, Race, Group), and other interests that sneak up behind it, will not be repeated in the future. Therefore, Islamic religious education literature is implanted, used as a source of multiculturalism education to form robust, religious, and tolerant students towards pluralism. This study uses a qualitative approach using the literature study method. The study results show that Islamic Religious Education helps shape religious character and love for the homeland, which is needed to maintain pluralism, tolerance, and diversity in Indonesia. Multicultural-based Islamic religious education is an innovation of religious education that instills the importance of equality, mutual respect, trust, and respect among religions to create peace and tranquility. Several PAI literacy can be included in multicultural education, namely Teachings on Compassion; The Doctrine of the Brotherhood; The Doctrine of Peace; Teachings about Maslahat.




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Lundeto, A. (2021). Islamic Religious Education Literacy as a Source of Multiculturalism Education in Indonesia. I T A L I E N I S C H, 11(2), 288–296.