Psychosocial Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Elderly People: The Case of Durbete Town, Ethiopia


  • Mekonnen Mulat Sentayehu Addis Ababa Commercial College, Ethiopia



Psychosocial Challenges, Coping Mechanisms, Old Age People, Psychosocial Measures.


The aim of this study was to investigate the psychosocial challenges and coping mechanisms of old age people. Coping styles could be adaptive or active (problem focused coping, emotion focused coping, problem solving and corrective/ preventive coping). Qualitative approach was employed. The research had provided answers to the following research questions; (a).What is the conceptions of being an old man/woman? (b) What are the main psychosocial challenges faced by old age people? And (c) How do people at old age cope up the challenges? The study was conducted based on the lived experiences of 60 participants of the old age category (30 females and 30 males). These participants were selected by purposive sampling technique and the data were collected by in-depth interview. The finding of the study indicated that, conceptions about aging were; tiredness, loss of respect and insulted by the family and community members, loss of acceptance, and exclusion. Psychosocial challenges of elders include anxiety, fear, shame, inferiority, isolation, and depression. Old age people have taken different techniques of coping to regulate their feelings. These are praying, forgiveness, silence, tolerance, sharing feelings, adaptive behavior, acceptance, and crying. These findings evidenced that; the psychosocial needs of agents of cultural preservers were unaddressed. Therefore, sufficient social and psychological measures should be taken for the betterment of old age people's life.




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Sentayehu, M. M. . (2021). Psychosocial Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Elderly People: The Case of Durbete Town, Ethiopia. I T A L I E N I S C H, 11(2), 181–190.